FLOE Trailers Now Available

Cargo Max and Versa Max Trailers

CargoMax™ is the sport utility trailer that is redefining an industry! Floe Trailers Ultra Body™ and fender system that is guaranteed to never rust, rot or need paint – ever!

The uni-body design includes virtually indestructible side walls which remain durable even in sub-zero temperatures. FLOE’s exclusive floor trussing system delivers maximum strength, excellent water drainage, and superior cleaning ability.

FLOE Cargo Max Trailers
Cargo Max Trailers are Great for Any Occasion

Rigid Aluminum Frame

High strength-to-weight ratio extruded aluminum frame never rusts or needs paint. Lightweight enough to be towed by a compact car and allowing it to be easily moved by hand, yet rigid enough to handle heavy loads. All joints fully welded ensuring extreme rigidity and durability.

Running Gear

Heavy-duty galvanized rust-resistant axles & wheels. Independent rubber torsion suspension tames the worst roads and handles heavy loads. Superior hub lubrication system lets you easily grease hubs without disassembly. Large speed rated wheels will stay cool over long distances.

They are lightweight and can be towed with ease.
Versa Max Trailers
Versa Max Trailers for heavier loads

Three Unique Loading & Unloading Options

Level Ramp Mode: For ATV’s and other high clearance loads.

Limited Tilt Mode: For low clearance vehicles, such as lawnmowers and motorcycles.

Full Tilt Dump Mode: For dirt, mulch, gravel and other loose material.

Learn More: FLOE International – YouTube

Shop Now: ATV and Utility Trailers For Sale (colmansrv.com)

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Employee RV Training and Certification

Congratulations Tony on Completing Level 2 Training for Certification!


We are proud of your commitment not only to our company, but also our customers. You have proven your work ethic and achieving your goals and we could not be happier for you. As we continue to grow with you on our team, we look forward to 2022 and continuing to provide our customers with service work they can trust by certified technicians like yourself.

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Ways To Contact Us

As you are all aware, Illinois is currently under a stay at home order until April 7th. We are taking this matter seriously and following guidelines to ensure our employees and customers are safe in every way. We understand many people rely on us to provide services for their campers which is why we want you to know that we have our sales team available to meet by a private appointment, text, video calls, and of course email. As we continue to practice and maintain guidelines set from health professionals, we are determined to ensure that our customers receive the high level of service you have come to expect from Colman’s RV.

For any service or sales needs, please feel free to call or text us at our normal business number (217) 793-7300 as we are manning the phones to answer your questions.You can also text your questions to Kevin (217) 306-1796 and email questions to the following:

Again, we are here for you and your family, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us because we look forward to getting you out into the great outdoors as soon as possible.


                                Warmest Regards,

                                                                   Colman’s RV

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COVID-19 Company Action



Don’t let social distancing keep you from getting your social distance!

We understand that most purchases of recreational vehicles are to adventure the great outdoors, away from crowds, and spend time with those we are closest to.  We want the buying process to be enjoyable and safe to our customers.

In these unprecedented times,  Colman’s RV is committed to providing you with your RV needs while keeping you and our staff as safe as possible.  We have implemented plans and processes that will minimize exposure and responsibly respect social distancing guidelines.

  • If you are interested in a product that you see online, feel free to communicate via email, text, or phone.  Our sales staff is eager to help you through this process remotely.
  • We will take videos to answer your questions, or live video chat from the unit that you have an interest in.
  • We will accept video walkthroughs of your trade to get trade in numbers as close as possible.
  • We may be able to pick up your trade-in to bring it in to the dealership.
  • If you’d prefer, we can schedule a single visit purchase.  We will prep the  RV and have it ready before you ever see it in person.  If you love it then you can take it home with you!
  • We may be able to deliver your unit to your home and sign paperwork on site, having only one social contact.

Please let us know if there is anything that we could possibly do to assist you!

The Colman’s RV Family


CDC Resource: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

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Store Remodel

Welcome to the whole NEW Colman’s RV dealership! Over the past several weeks, we have made a lot of changes to our store including: new signs, window displays, lighting, and more. When you enter our showroom you will find we have updated LED lighting, new polished floors, signs, brand pictures, new offices, and more to come. We have been in business since 1996 and we strive to provide our customers the best buying experience when they are visiting our store, and we are excited to offer an even more enjoyable experience for 2019. So, next time you’re in the area or plan to stop by, be sure to observe all the new changes; we think you will love it!


The new signs and windows highlight our entrance!

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Built for the outdoors by the leader in the outdoors, TRACKER Off Road vehicles are backed by robust warranties that are USA Proud. Combining the military DNA technology of Textron, leader in aeronautic and defense technology, with the vast outdoor knowledge of Bass Pro and Cabela’s, these vehicles are quality-built to protect and defend every American’s right to enjoy peace of mind in the great outdoors.

Most off road machines are sold through a process that requires negotiation to reach the final price. This means that many buyers pay more than they have to, while only the best negotiators get the best deals. Tracker pricing policy presents the final price up front for everyone to see. The Tracker way is to leverage advanced manufacturing, high volume and world-class quality, so we can pass along lower costs for materials and components in the form of better retail prices for the final product. So our retail prices are pre-set at levels most others reach only by aggressive negotiation. TRACKER Off Road NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE prices are consistent across the country, from websites, to advertisements, to retailer showrooms, so everyone can expect the best deal available every day, no matter where you shop. Even our freight costs are divided into a fixed East Zone/West Zone freight charge, as simple as can be. You get a top quality TRACKER Off Road vehicle at the best possible NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE price, no matter where you live.

Learn more: https://www.trackeroffroad.com/index.html




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Lippert Awnings


Lippert Components is pleased to introduce Solera Serenity Lighting to its line of RV awning accessories. This new lighting offers a more natural color and brightness to awnings than the standard RV light strips, to provide a more inviting campsite. Also, mounted on each of the awning arms, the lighting is equipped with a dimmer switch which lets you illuminate either the entire campsite or just a specific area. This lighting for awnings is top notch and even comes with a LIFETIME warranty.


The Solera Smart Arm incorporates several intelligent features all accessible from a weatherproof controller built right into the awning arm itself. If you are looking for an upgraded awning that’s energy efficient, Lippert lighting accessories is a must. Want to learn more? Check it out here:https://www.lci1.com/awning-light-kit#about  



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