Why Buy Tracker

The off road industry is packed full of different brands and models to choose from, but which is the best one for you? Well, let’s take a look at the all new TRACKER Off Road lineup and see just how much value you get compared to other brands. The pricing alone separates TRACKER from all others; the no haggle no hassle pricing assures the buying they are receiving the best deal no matter where they buy.  First of all, the side-by-side lineup all has 18 mo warranties! This is the best in the industry. Second, they have Best-In-Class sound (whisper-quiet engine) which makes this very popular for hunters. In addition, all side-by-sides come with pre-installed wiring for accessories such as lights, winches, and more. They also come standard with customizable speed controllers and EPS. Want even more? No problem, you can add Accessory packages: Trail Package, Backcountry Package, Premium Hard Cab, and Truetimber Edition.

The TRACKER ATV series are available for youth and adults. The best warranties in the industry at 12 months! That can’t be matched. The HSLA frame (high strength/ low alloy) makes these ATV’s lightweight, plus a full length skid plate protects the underbody. The drivetrain is CVT which gives the rider an extremely smooth ride.